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Debbie Swanson Director

Aly Barclay Public Health Administrative Coordinator
Debbie Hanson-Misialek Administrative Specialist
Keith Westerfield Administrative Specialist
Kristie Hegg Administrative Specialist
Pam Lee  Administrative Specialist
Environmental Health 
Javin Bedard Environmental Health Supervisor
Ana Ebbert
Environmental Health Specialist, Senior
Matt Myrfield
Environmental Health Specialist, Senior
Mike Quigley Environmental Health Specialist, Senior
Brenda Bergman Environmental Health Specialist
Dustin Johnson Emergency Preparedness Coordinator
Marcus Lee Emergency Preparedness Coordinator

Mosquito Control  
Todd Hanson
Mosquito Control Supervisor
Eric Nelson 
Mosquito Control Assistant Supervisor
Nursing & Nutrition  
Theresa Knox
Nursing & Nutrition Supervisor
Disease Prevention Team  
Haley Bruhn Public Health Team Leader
Ashley Krone Public Health Nurse
Danielle Gratton Public Health Nurse
Family Health Team  
Allen Anderson
Public Health Team Leader
Betty Otteson
Public Health Nurse
Danielle Gratton
Public Health Nurse
Mandy Burbank
Public Health Dietitian
Health Promotion Team  
Tiffany Boespflug
Public Health Team Leader
Haley Thorson
Public Health Nurse
Kailee Dvorak
Public Health Nurse
Sarah Odegard
Public Health Nurse

Health Services Team  
Kate Goldade Public Health Team Leader
Chantel Vazquez Public Health Nurse
Kelly Ozaki Public Health Nurse
Mary Barrett
Public Health Nurse
Shelly Huff Public Health Nurse
Social Detox Center  
Ciara Ballard Social Detox Coordinator
Opiate Response  
Michael Dulitz Opiate Response Project Coordinator