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Grand Forks Public Health Department provides nursing services at the Grand Forks County Correctional Center and Grand Forks County Juvenile Detention Center under a contract with the city of Grand Forks. Nursing services are provided under the direction of a Medical Director from Altru Family Medicine Residency.

Correctional health nursing services include:

  • Assisting with policies and procedures related to medical care and treatment.
  • Performing health assessments along with communicable disease screening and counseling.
  • Answering acute medical and dental complaints and scheduling follow-up care as needed. Resident physicians hold twice monthly medical clinics.
  • Preventing the spread of infectious diseases in a congregate population.
  • Providing health education to inmates to manage acute and chronic conditions.
  • Providing resource and referral information to improve the health of the inmate after release.
  • Responding to all medical emergencies within the facility.
  • Training and certifying correctional officers for medication passing.