Grand Forks Public Health is responsible for the enforcement of laws and regulations relating to public pools in the City of Grand Forks. This includes swimming pools, spas, wading pools and special purpose pools located at hotels and motels, public and private schools, health clubs, city parks, resorts and organizations, medical faculties, and water theme parks. In addition, the program is responsible for the plan approvals of all new public pools and renovations of existing pools. All individuals engaged in the business of maintaining pools are encouraged to be Certified Pool/Spa Operators. 

  • Conduct routine and follow-up inspections at public pools
  • Respond to public complaints regarding public pools
  • Evaluate visual quality of water and cleanliness of pool walls, floors, water line tiles, coping, skimmers and deck areas
  • Test pool water for pH, chlorine residual, alkalinity, and when necessary, cyan uric acid levels, total dissolved solids and calcium hardness
  • Evaluate the pool's recirculation and purification system such as filters, pumps, skimmers, main drains, return lines, flow meters, pressure gauges, chlorinators, and acid feeders
  • Evaluate the maintenance of related pool facilities such as bathrooms, locker rooms, showers, saunas, steam rooms, pool enclosures, and equipment rooms
  • Review and approve public pool plans
  • Conduct field construction inspections at all stages of construction until the pool is complete
  • Evaluate swimming pool equipment