The Grand Forks Public Health Department provides confidential HIV testing and Hepatitis C testing to high-risk North Dakota residents.

Getting an HIV or Hepatitis C test is the first step in finding out your status. It’s also a vital part of preventing the spread of HIV/Hepatitis C. Regardless of the result, getting a test can empower you to make decisions that are right for you and take the necessary steps to live a healthy life.

Rapid Testing is performed using blood from a finger stick. Results are available within 20 minutes.

Rapid tests look for the presence of HIV/Hepatitis C antibodies in your blood. Results of rapid tests are either negative or reactive. 

A negative test means that no HIV/Hepatitis C antibodies were detected by the test.

A reactive test means that HIV/Hepatitis C antibodies have been detected by the test and then a confirmatory test is required, which is done through a blood draw and processed at the North Dakota State Lab. Test results are available in five to seven days. Test results are not given over the telephone or sent in the mail.

The program focuses on HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis C education and reduction of high risk behaviors.