The APC Project operates on a One-for-One Plus Model, seeking to provide a balance between meeting the need to have clean injecting equipment available at each injection, with the need to prevent improper disposal of used injecting equipment.

On the first visit, a client will be provided with up to 20 syringes as a starter pack.

On subsequent visits, clients will be provided with syringes based on the returned equipment, and their need.

Transaction Model



1-5 Syringes

Up to 10 Syringes

5-15 Syringes

Up to 20 Syringes

16+ Syringes

Up to 30 Syringes

Exceptions to this policy may be made for participants in good standing due to disability or distance/transportation challenges.


Determination of client standing is at the discretion of program staff based on factors such as completed HIV/Hepatitis C testing and adequate return of used injecting equipment.