The Grand Forks Withdrawal Management Center (Social Detox) is a free standing facility, located at 207 South Fourth Street, and is operated by the Grand Forks Public Health Department.

The Center provides non-medical observation and care to individuals withdrawing from alcohol and other drugs.  The services are provided by trained staff members who provide a safe, supportive and calm environment with an emphasis on rest and nutrition.  Those who need medical monitoring for acute alcohol or drug withdrawal receive care at Altru Hospital.  The goal of the program is to engage clients in long term recovery support and community services such as treatment programs, counseling, primary care and housing.

Services at the Grand Forks Withdrawal Management Center are available regardless of insurance or income status. The program is provided through funding from the City of Grand Forks, Grand Forks County, Northeast Human Services and Altru Health System. Multiple parties and service provider agencies serve on an advisory board. Donations and contributions may be accepted and will be used to support operations.