Alarm Permits

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Welcome to the City of Grand Forks Emergency Alarm License Process 

The Grand Forks Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) oversees the process for both Alarm Vendors and Alarm Users, as governed by Grand Forks City Code (Grand Forks City Code, Article 19. Emergency Alarm Systems, 21-1901 thru 21-1916). The requires a permit for any alarm user in the City of Grand Forks, as well as businesses which sell, lease, maintain, service, alter, replace, monitor, move or install alarms.

For further information, please refer to the ordinance details at Under Quick Links, click on City Code, the Chapter XXI, Article 19. In this article, please note 21-1915: Additional Permit Charges, which lists false alarm fees. Click this link for direct access to Article 19 Article 19 Emergency Alarm.

Renewal Payment Process

We are pleased to announce this process can be completed online with the implementation of the new license program through the city. If you are renewing your alarm from last year, there are 2 options. You can pay online and update any changes to key holders with the links below; or, you can print the form to complete and return with fees. 

The Following Two Methods are available to renew:

1) Online: 

CLICK HERE for Alarm Permit Payment, and return HERE to update any changes to your alarm or key holder information. 

2) Print and return by mail with check for fees:

CLICK HERE for a printable form to complete and return with fees. 


New Alarm Application Process

Applicants must complete an application, for either an Alarm Vendor License or Alarm User License, providing all required information, as stated in the city code.

  • Alarm Vendors Permits are required for those vendors that sell, lease, install, maintain, repair, or monitor alarm systems. As part of the application process, the vendor must provide electronic copies of supporting documentation for the required bond.
  • Alarm User Permits are required for residential homes, commercial property, and businesses with any active alarm system.

Applications should be completed and fees paid by either: 

  • Using the online form to complete the application process, or
  • Using the printable form found below , and mailing both the fees and application to Grand Forks PSAP.

CLICK HERE for printable form to complete and mail with fees. 


CLICK HERE for online form to complete. Once completed, you will be contacted and provided a link for payment. 

All alarm permits will be approved once application has been reviewed to ensure all required information has been submitted and verified, as well as proper fees have been paid. 


Updating Alarm Information or Key-holders 

If at any time, information changes regarding your alarm provider or after hour contacts, please update that information with the form listed below. 

CLICK HERE to update changes to alarm company information or after hour emergency contacts/key holders.  



For any questions, please contact our Alarm Administrator at 701-787-8039. Thanks you!