Yard Waste / Seasonal Collections

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fall trees 

Branches/Brush Debris Collection Program

     1.  Haul branches/brush to the Landfill or one of three site locations at Grand Forks City Compost/Recycling ++

     2.  Call for special collection/chipping - 701-738-8740 - fees will apply    

**Large amounts of woody material and/or any tree trunks over 8" in diameter will require a private hauler - consult your yellow pages for listings.


Fall Leaf Collection Program 

  1. Self-Haul to landfill or nearest Grand Forks City Compost Site
    • bags of leaves will not be picked up your residence
  2. Vacuum Leaf Collection begins (tentatively) the second week of October, continuing until two passes are made through Grand Forks (weather permitting).

**Rake leaves to your berm (between curb and sidewalk) in loose piles, away from obstacles such as trees, fences, etc.


Yard Waste Collection Program (grass clippings, garden waste)

  1. Consider "Grass-cycling" - leave clippings on the lawn!
    • Mow often, no shorter than 3 inches
    • Retains moisture - less water
    • Releases nitrogen - less fertilizing


  2. Self-Haul to landfill or nearest Grand Forks City Compost Site – May 7 to Nov 16
  • Grand Forks City Compost Recycling Sites:


Public Works Facility - 724 North 47th Street ++ 
Fire Station - North Columbia Road & 10th Ave N 
Pump Station - 8th Avenue North & North 3rd Street


Williamson Field - 5th Avenue South & Demers Avenue ++
*Lewis & Clark School - 12th Avenue South & South 11th Street
Lift Station - 24th Avenue South & South 34th Street
Duke Drive & South 34th Street
Pump Station - 47th Avenue South East of Cherry Street ++
*Kelly/Schroeder School - 32nd Avenue South & Cherry Street

* for child safety, site closed during school year
++ Indicates also a Branches/Brush disposal location

  •  Break open & dispose of plastic bags – container provided at compost sites for this purpose

     3.  Weekly Curbside Yard Waste Collection – May 11 to Sept. 25

  • Place yard waste on berm for weekly collection on your garbage day.
  • No plastic bags – we compost!
  • Instead, utilize open containers (32 gallons or less), cardboard boxes or paper bags for your yard waste. 
    • Less contamination – quality compost for use
    • Less litter control required at composting site       
    • Less labor required to remove plastic contaminants

    Compost sites are for your convenience. Please help us to keep them tidy. They are for grass, yard waste, not household refuse. Thank you for your cooperation!

    Waste Oil, Car/Truck Battery, Propane Tank Drop Off Site:

    Public Works Facility - 724 N. 47th St.

    Disposal Questions?
    Call Public Works 701-738-8740

    Landfill Hours of Operation

    2701 N 69th Street (1 mile North of Highway 2 on North 69th Street)

    M-F 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.
    Sat 8 a.m. - 11 a.m.
    For Holidays, please call 701-746-2505

    To contact the Sanitation Department:
    Phone: 701-738-8740
    FAX: 701-738-8749

    724 N. 47th St.
    Grand Forks, ND 58203
    email the Sanitation department