Our roads in Grand Forks go through a lot with the temperature changes that happen in a given year.  We know, especially in the spring, potholes are a concern around our city.  Below you will see the City's plan to address potholes in Grand Forks.

Cold Mix Repair

When:  March - Mid-May

What:  “Cold mix” or asphalt materials made of fine aggregate/oil mixture

Priorities:  Sharp or deep potholes in wheel paths

Longevity:  2 days – 1 week as materials are heated and applied to cold surface

Challenges:  Repetitive process until surface temperatures provides for more permanent patch

Hot Mix Repair

When:  Mid-May - June

What:  “Hot mix” or asphalt materials made of medium aggregate/various oil mixtures and/or oil/granite mixtures

Priorities:  “Alligator” cracked, larger surface cracks and major/minor potholes

Longevity:  Spring-Autumn Season

Challenges:  Addressing many priorities, avoiding commute times, weather variations


 Before Repair:


 After Repair:

Fixed Potholes

Longer Term Actions

The Sales Tax allocation to Street Maintenance Activities has allowed us to upgrade machinery – A single operator in-cab patching machine with material injection capabilities and a trailer mounted patcher/crack sealer to repair and add years to newer pavement by sealing out moisture, and some additional funds for longer lasting patching materials.

We are partners with our Engineering Department to help track pavement condition as we fill potholes and the City plans for large scale reconstruction and rehabilitation projects.