Spring Clean Up
Spring Clean Up
Spring Clean Up

Grand Forks Spring Clean Up week will be May 6 - 10.  Residents are asked to place their extra trash out by where your trash is normally picked up.  Here are some simple rules when it comes to spring clean up week.

  • No chemicals or hazardous materials
  • Place items away from trees, signs, etc.  Crews will be using heavy equipment to pick up your items.
  • Keep your trash piles within reason.  This is spring clean up week not spring remodeling week.
  • Crews will be following the regular garbage schedule.

Residents can also haul their own materials for free to the Grand Forks City Landfill during Spring Clean Up Week.


Expand/Contract Questions and Answers

  • What about residents who live in apartments?

  • What about Computers/Electronics?

  • What happens if you miss having things out (for Spring Clean up week) on your regular pickup day – is there any other way to dispose of things?

  • We have lots of trimming to do with our trees or whole trees to take down – will these go on clean up week?

  • If you see your trash has been picked up…but your spring clean up stuff is still there, have your items been missed?

  • Are there self-haul options for residents or commercial/larger quantities?

  • What about paint and other household chemicals?

  • What won't the city take during spring clean up?

  • Where & when do you put things for pickup during Spring Clean Up Week?

  • What can you throw away during Spring Clean Up Week?