Weed Control

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Noxious weeds are plant species that have been designated by state or national agricultural authorities as plants that are injurious to agricultural and/or horticultural cops and/or humans and livestock.

North Dakota's Noxious Weed Law provides for the creation of county and city weed control boards, declaration of noxious weeds and enforcement of laws and regulations

The law requires every person in charge of or in possession of land is required to control the following weeds on these lands:

Absinth wormwood 

Diffuse Knapweed

Leafy spurge

Purple loosestrife

Spotted knapweed

Dalmation toadflax


Canada thistle

Field bindweed

Musk thistle

Russian knapweed

Palmer amaranth




Penalties for not controlling noxious weeds provided in NDCC 63-01.1-15 of $50 per day for each day of violation, not to exceed $2500 per year.