Upstander Award Group

From L to R-  Maia Jackson,Youth Commission Core Member, Central High School, Sophie Oren, Central High School Student Body President, Sarah Shimek, Youth Commission Coordinator, Kim Keller,  South Middle School-2016 Adult Upstander Award Winner, Kaylee Baker, Riverside Christian School , 2016 Youth Upstander Award (GF Resident), Dana Sande, Grand Forks City Council President, Prem Thakker, Red River High School Student Body President.

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State of the Youth & Upstander Awards

Grand Forks, ND – City Council President Dana Sande welcomed members of the Grand Forks Youth Commission, Grand Forks Public School, Safer Tomorrow and other community leaders to the first State of the Youth event held today, October 26th  at the Grand Forks Herald Community Room. 

Student Body Presidents Prem Thakker, Red River High School and Sophie Oren, Central High School presented current and past completed projects of the GF Youth Commission.   

The Commissions’ Think Twice video project created by Maia Jackson, Central High School was viewed and the project will be presented to middle school students urging them to “think twice” before bullying or cyberbullying. Each student will be given a bright orange Think Twice bracelet as a reminder during National Bullying Prevention Month. 

 The Youth Commission presented two Upstander Award winners; Kim Keller, Educator from South Middle School and Kaylee Baker, Student from Riverside Christian School.

The Upstander Award is given to honor a youth and an adult community member who is a change-maker for respect and dignity.  The award is a powerful community tradition.   






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