Federal Priorities and Federal Relations

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The City of Grand Forks maintains consistent and ongoing relations with our federal partners, particularly working with North Dakota's Congressional Delegation.

Through City Council leadership, the Mayor and Executive Leadership and the administrative function of the Legislative Committee, the City ensures working partnerships that leverage resources and relations across all levels of government and community.


Federal Priorities

2018 City of Grand Forks

Federal Legislative Priority Positions

Not a Prioritized list – Ongoing Federal Priorities (Originally adopted March, 2016)
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Unmanned Aerial Systems

  • Support current and ongoing efforts to promote and develop UAS capacities in the area.
  • Actively partner with the development of the “Grand Sky” UAS Business and Aviation Park.
  • Support the UAS Test Sites and the expansion of Air Space available for these sites.

 Grand Forks Air Force Base Support

  • Support efforts to protect and strengthen the Grand Forks Air Force Base (GFAFB)

 Infrastructure Programs & Funding

  • Support current and ongoing efforts to leverage Federal, State, Local and Private sectors to strengthen and improve vital infrastructure
  • Support programs including Opportunity Zone and the drafting of regulations that positively impact the program’s applicability and effectiveness locally
  • Support state-based flexibility in implementing the transit funding allocations

 Water Infrastructure

  • Continue to support Water Infrastructure as a Federal priority and be aware of the two major water infrastructure projects for Grand Forks and Region: GF Regional Water Treatment Plant and Red River Valley Water Supply Project.


  •  The City supports federal support of the Grand Forks International Airport (GFK).

 Public Safety

  • Support ongoing federal/state/local public safety partnerships through various grant programs that encourage effective local approaches to critical public safety issues including: Interoperable Communications;  Law enforcement personnel grant and related programs; and, Addiction, Behavioral Health and Opioid-related grant and related program
  • Maintain Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA)


  • Support ongoing appropriations of Community Development Block Grants, including affordable housing-centered programs like HOME, as well as Community Service Block Grants (CSBG)