City of Grand Forks Legislative Process


Clearly outline the City’s legislative goals, policy positions and procedures.

City of Grand Forks Legislative Process includes regularly convening a Legislative Committee made up of 2 City Council Members and with City administrative personnel.


As part of the City's ongoing Government Relations, the Committee’s purpose is to develop federal and state legislative priorities, recommend action to achieve these priorities, and to coordinate communication to all stakeholders.

During North Dakota Legislative sessions, the City’s Legislative committee meets at 2:30 p.m. each Friday and participates in statewide telephone conferences with other municipal officials and staff, facilitated by the North Dakota League of Cities.

The committee also helps coordinate and provide legislative testimony, background information on priorities and other efforts necessary to promote positions favorable to the people of Grand Forks.

The Legislative Committee reports updates to the City Council at regular meetings, to local legislators through email and to the general public through public meetings and the city’s website. 

State Legislature:

For full information on the state legislative process, visit the North Dakota State Legislature Website.