Listing of Bills being Monitored by the City of Grand Forks and whether the position is Support, Oppose or Tracking.

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Support Support LAW Tracking      
Bill Number Description/Subject City Position  Status
1003 NDUS budget Tracking  CONF
1004 Dept. of Health budget


1006 ND Aeronautics budget Tracking  CONF
1011 ND Highway Patrol budget Tracking  CONF
1012 NDDOT budget Tracking  CONF
1013 School Trust Fund Tracking  CONF
1014 Industrial Commission budget (Incl. Infrastructure Revolving Loan (2275) and Housing Incentive fund (2271) Support  CONF
1015 Dept. of Corrections budget Tracking  CONF
1018 Dept. of Commerce budget (Includes UAS and Grand Sky)  Support  PH-PS(A)
1019 Career & Tech Ed. Tracking  CONF
1021 IT Dept. budget Tracking  CONF
1028 Relating to public employees retirement system self-insurance plans for health benefits coverage  Tracking   LAW
1029 Higher Ed Grant Forumula Tracking  LAW
1030 Higher Ed Tracking  F
1035 Initiated Measures Tracking  LAW
1036 Initiated Measures Tracking  LAW
1041 Homestead Tax Credit Tracking  LAW
1046 National Guard Support  LAW
1049 Electronic signatures Tracking  F
1050 Alcohol Treatment Program Tracking  CONF
1053 Military Income Tax Support  LAW
1058 Motor Vehicle Tracking  LAW
1059 Part time Eleciton Workers Tracking  LAW
1060  Relating to surcharges paid by employers for employees who receive unemployment insurance benefits at a rate exceeding contributions paid into the system by the employer  Tracking   PH-F
1061 Military Income Tax Deduction Support  F
1063 Opioid Therapy Tracking  F
1066 Prairie Dog Infrastructure bill Support  LAW
1067 Bid Payment Threshold Support  GOV
1072 WSI Tracking  LAW
1097 Blue Laws Tracking  LAW
1101 ND Air National Guard Support  LAW
1103 Opioid Licensure Tracking  LAW
1104 Early Childhood Tracking  F
1105 Behavioral Health Program & SUD for Children Tracking  LAW
1113 Marijuana as controlled substance  LAW
1117 Relating to publication of legal notices in a newspaper and on the newspaper's website Tracking  LAW
1121  Relating to early voting election precincts  Tracking   F
1136  Relating to bid requirements for public improvements  Tracking   LAW
1165  Relating to nonconforming structures  Oppose   PH - F
1173  Relating to costs of appeals of local government decisions  Tracking  PH - F
1182  Relating to limitations on increases in property assessments  Oppose   F
1184  Relating to eliminating the ability of state and local government authorities from using quick take eminent domain  Oppose  F
 1193 Relating to prohibiting city imposed minimum wage Oppose  LAW
 1200 Related to prohibiting use of auxiliary containers Oppose  LAW
1210  Relating to qualified electors in city elections  Oppose  PH - F
1217  Relating to competition between the government and private industry  Tracking   F
1227  Relating to prohibiting residential rental licensure fees
Oppose   PH - F
1239  Relating to the effect of state law on city or county ordinances and to statutory fees for noncriminal traffic offenses  Tracking   F
 1286  Seizure of Property  Support (as amended)  CONF
  1289  Relating to notice filings and property valuation spot checks  Oppose  PH - F
1297  Relating to extraterritorial zoning and subdivision authority  Tracking   F
1301  Gas Tax Increase Tracking   F
1307  Relating to special assessments  Tracking   F
1356  Relating to bids, plans, and specifications for public improvements and bond thresholds  Tracking   F
1360  Relating to bid requirements for park districts  Tracking   LAW
1375  Relating to references to party affiliation in elections  Oppose  F
1379  Relating to adoption and referral of preliminary budgets of cities, counties, school districts, and park districts  Oppose   F
1380  Relating to limitations on property tax levies by taxing districts without voter approval  Oppose  F
1390  Relating to limitations on the true and full valuation of property for tax purposes and limitations on property tax levies by taxing districts without voter approval  Oppose   F
1411  Relating to bid requirements of public improvements.  Tracking   F
1421  Relating to local beer and liquor license fees.  Tracking   F
1424  Relating to a sales and use tax exemption for purchases made by a contractor, subcontractor, or builder on behalf of an exempt entity  Tracking   PH - F
1435  Relating to the governance, purchase, financing, and operation of the state radio broadcasting system  Support  GOV
1449  Relating to the state aid distribution fund and the oil extraction tax rate and distributions  Tracking   F
1471  Relating to extraterritorial zoning fees and regulations.   Tracking   LAW
1474  Relating to the authority of a county or city to levy an infrastructure tax in lieu of special assessments  Tracking   CONF
1481  Relating to determination of the true and full valuation of property
Oppose   F
1487  Relating to an optional residential property tax freeze for seniors  Tracking   LAW
1488  Relating to special assessment fund balances.  Oppose  PH - F
1493  Relating to private property rights and unmanned aerial vehicle systems  Oppose 
1504  Relating to the legacy earnings fund and transfers of legacy fund earnings  Tracking   F
1512  Relating to the homestead tax credit  Tracking   F
1530  Relating to an income tax rate reduction fund and the transfer of legacy fund earnings  Tracking   PH - F
1540  A BILL for an Act to provide an appropriation to the department of human services for the child care assistance program  Tracking   F
1545  relating to the property tax exemption for disabled persons, the homestead tax credit, and the property tax credit for disabled veterans  Tracking   PH - F
2006 Tax Commissioner Tracking  CONF
2010  Provide an appropriation for the distribution of funds from the insurance tax distribution fund.   Support   CONF
 2012 DHS   Support CONF
2020 State Water Commission budget Support  GOV*
2026 Mental Health Services    F
2028 Behavioral Health Prevention Support  F
2029  Relating to the implementation of a community behavioral health program  Support   F
2030 State Behavioral Health Support  F
2031 Behavioral Health Support  F
2032 Peer Support Support  F
2035  Relating to notice and publication requirements.  Tracking  GOV
2037  Relating to the definition of illegal transportation or disposal of radioactive waste material or hazardous waste and disposition of unusable products  Tracking  GOV
2038 Permitting for electronic facility Tracking LAW
2039  Relating to the development and implementation of a skilled workforce scholarship program  Tracking  PS - F
2040 Special Assessments Tracking GOV
2041 Allow GO Bonds for Park Districts Tracking LAW
2042  Relating to reporting requirements for schools and counties receiving oil and gas gross production tax allocations  Tracking  PS
2044 Tampering w/critical infrastructure Tracking LAW
2046 NDPERS - transfers the Retiree Health Insurance Credit (RHIC) to the main retirement plan Oppose LAW
2047 NDPERS - Computation of benefits Oppose LAW
2048 NDPERS - Increase in contributions Support PS - F
2049 NDPERS - Calculation of final wage Tracking LAW
2055 Changes to Budget Section Tracking             LAW (Over veto)
2060 Seat Belts as primary offense Tracking  F
2061 Hybrid/Electric Car fee Tracking


2062 Publication of Election results Tracking  F
2078  relating to the authority to adopt rules for records management and forms management  Tracking  GOV
2089 Property and Sales Tax filing Tracking LAW
2090 Water Permits Tracking GOV
2091 Construction in Floodway Tracking LAW
2095 Use of Emergency Funds Tracking  PS - F
2104 Oil & Gas Tax Tracking F
2110 Cyber Security Tracking LAW
2111  Relating to electronic remittal of funds withheld under an income withholding order and new hire reporting  Tracking  F
2114 Alcohol -Minors Tracking GOV
2116 Infrastructure Revolving Loan Tracking F
2121 Commercial Vehicle - Knowledge Test Tracking  LAW
2139  Relating to cost-sharing and duties of the state water commission  Tracking  LAW
2162  Relating to the local permit prize limits  Tracking  LAW
2166  Relating to increasing liability limits for political subdivisions  Tracking  F
2188  Relating to bid requirements for park districts  Tracking  LAW
2189  Relating to the meeting of the board of equalization of a city.  Tracking  LAW
2193  Relating to city lodging and restaurant tax and visitors' committee membership  Tracking  LAW
2221  Relating to exempting records of communications between legislators and public employees from open records laws  Tracking  CONF
2223  Relating to a health and human services stabilization fund  Tracking  F
2235  Relating to the regulation of contractors  Tracking  LAW
 2238 Relating to Eminent Domain & County Commission  Oppose 
2250  Relating to requiring public schools to provide early childhood education services.  Tracking  PS - F
2263  A BILL for an Act to provide an appropriation to the department of commerce for homeless shelter grants.  Tracking  F
2270  Relating to the reporting of fires and fire losses to the state fire marshal, misconduct at fires, fire inspections of state buildings, rules for storage and handling of liquefied petroleum gases, fire alarms in school buildings, and reference data used in the fire prevention code for school buildings  Tracking  LAW
2271  Relating to the housing incentive fund  Tracking  PS - F
2275  Relating to the essential infrastructure revolving loan fund  Support  PS - F 
2276  Relating to the infrastructure revolving loan fund  Tracking  PS - F
2277  relating to the homestead tax credit and the marriage penalty credit  Tracking  F
2282  Relating to legacy fund earnings  Tracking  PS - F
2288  Relating to the tax imposed on motor vehicle fuels and special fuels  Tracking  F
2300  relating to the allocation of cigarette taxes  Tracking  PS - F
2303  Relating to prohibition of discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation  Tracking  F
2304  Relating to the effect of state law on city or county ordinances and limits on city fines and penalties  Support  LAW
 2306 Relating to license reciprocity for military spouses  Support  GOV
2311  Relating to recalls of elected officials of political subdivisions  Tracking   F
2336  Relating to the oil extraction tax rate Tracking  F
 3037  Relating to the ERA Amendment  Oppose  PH - F
4005  Relating to use of the principal and earnings of the legacy fund to create the North Dakota first fund for the purpose of funding permanent infrastructure projects  Tracking   F