In 2016, F. John Marshall was presented with the first Grand Forks Lifetime Recognition Award for his decades of service to the community, to the Grand Forks Air Force Base and to our nation’s military, in general.

Excerpt from Mayor Brown’s State of the City:

“For over thirty years you have tirelessly dedicated your time, loyalty and passion to your base, your community and your country.   Because of your longstanding dedication and commitment to the Air Force and to Grand Forks AFB, Mayor Michael Polovitz wisely sought you out to take the reins and lead the charge to save Grand Forks Air Force Base from the threat of closure in 1992.  You did so without hesitation, firmly holding on to those reins, no matter how bumpy the ride. . .  No other city enjoys the caliber of representation that Grand Forks is privileged to have. .  . It is now my honor to bestow upon you the undying gratitude and appreciation of the City of Grand Forks and our community.  Thank you, sir, and may you always soar with the eagles.”