Crews have scheduled a citywide mosquito spray for both GF/EGF tonight.  Crews will get started around 8 pm and work until 1 am.

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Every year, education, employment, security, and quality of life draw people to Grand Forks from the region and far beyond, and we depend on this inflow. And every year, the City, its residents, and its institutions embrace their arrival through many independent initiatives.

The Welcoming Community Roadmap brings together these separate efforts, energizes new action, and lays the groundwork to turn Grand Forks into a city known for its ability to welcome newcomers and benefit from their contributions. 

When newcomers begin to think of Grand Forks as home, when they know this community is theirs to shape, they stay, they participate, they volunteer, they open businesses. And Grand Forks thrives economically, civically, and culturally.

The five-year strategic plan, developed with a technical assistance grant from Welcoming America and New American Economy, was endorsed by Grand Forks City Council in November 2018 and launched in January 2019. The community-wide effort is led by 30 agencies working together to position Grand Forks to benefit from all that new residents bring to it. 

Read the 1-Year Welcoming Community Roadmap Report here!