The Sister City relationship with Sarpsborg, Norway has resulted in many exchanges of ideas, culture and people. With ties to UND, the Grand Forks School District, the Nordic Initiative, this relationship brings amazing musical professionals like Kai Robert and delegations of Sarpsborg officials to Grand Forks and has opened the door for Grand Forks area youth musicians to travel to Norway and participate in Syttende Mai (Norwegian Constitution Day) parades, among other benefits.


The magic of travel, meeting new people, experiencing different cultures (or similar cultures in the homeland), and sharing in celebrations is a big part of Sister City relationships like the one between Sarpsborg, Norway and Grand Forks, North Dakota.

 Children and adults alike learn, grow and imagine new opportunities - innovations in business and in community - with the experiencing of new cultures and people.

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Sister City Agreement: October 10, 2005

Sister City Agreement

The City of Sarpsborg and the City of Grand Forks, in the interest of building goodwill and friendship between two cities, in the hope of developing a deeper understanding between the two countries of Norway and the United States of America and in the desire to promote productive intercourse of peoples throughout the world, hereby agree to join in a

Sister City Agreement.


Whereas, Both cities will make efforts to contribute to friendly relations between Norway and the United States, and

Whereas, Both cities will continue to communicate with each other and make further efforts to bring about the development and enrichment of both cities, and

Whereas, Both cities will make efforts to strengthen the ties of friendship through mutual visitation of its citizens and of its officials, and

Whereas, Both cities will focus on strengthening business ties, including trade between the cities and countries and the development of new business, and

Whereas, Both cities will focus on strengthening educational ties by promoting and initiating educational programs with and between our youth and our mutual school systems, and

 Whereas, Both cities will focus on strengthening cultural bonds by promoting tourism and the continued growth of understanding of each others customs, backgrounds and ways of life.


Now therefore the Cities of Sarpsborg and Grand Forks hereby certify that the foregoing agreements were adopted by the representatives of both cities at the meeting held in Grand Forks on October 10, 2005


Michael R. Brown                                                       Jan O. Engsmyr

Mayor of Grand Forks                                                Mayor of Sarpsborg