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GF Promise - Safe

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Safety is growing in Grand Forks

You want...

     - Protection from Crime
        • Got it!  Our Police Department is simply one of the best around and is currently undergoing an intense and important accreditation process.

     - Safeguards against Fire
        • Check!  We call them Firefighters and they're continuously working to ensure our response times, professional training and prevention efforts are top notch. In fact, soon they will be getting another station.

     - Security from Floods
        • Taken care of!  Levees and Flood walls along the banks keep the Red River in line. This adds a level of comfort and safety that is hard to measure. It reduces risk not only for day to day life but also for ongoing business investment.

     - A Community Focus on Safety
        • Whether we're working to end or mitigate childhood exposure to violence with the county-wide Safer Tomorrows coalition, supporting local partners like the Community Violence Intervention Center, our approach is community wide and comprehensive.

GF Promise Safe